How technology and digital transformation are changing the face of HR in 2016.

Fun at Work Day: The Importance of Happiness in the Workplace

This unofficial holiday is a great opportunity to increase happiness in the workplace.

State of the Union: The “Human Element” of Business

Last week’s State of the Union addressed the importance of valuing your workforce.

5 Rules for Marketing Yourself on Social Media

Boost your social media presence and market your best self by following these rules.

2015 Review: Complex Relationships Between Mergers, Layoffs and the Economy

Even though the job market has improved, layoffs remained steady over the past decade.

Happy (Paid) Holidays to All

Regardless of which holidays you choose, know that your employees and your business will benefit.

2015 Year in Review: Employment Landscape

Layoffs have remained relatively steady over the past 10 years, regardless of economic conditions.


When done thoughtfully and with purpose, they can provide you with immense value.

3 Ways to Ease Notification During a Period of Layoffs

Ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved

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