Role of People Analytics in HR and corporate culture

3 Ways HR Can Make a Strategic Impact During a Layoff

Planning for layoffs with outplacement affects your financial, personal and social duties.

Employee Appreciation Day: A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

Celebrating this holiday can have a positive impact on your business throughout the year.

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Five must-read articles from the month of February.

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Outplacement helps businesses mitigate unseen costs and positively affect the bottom line.

Hidden Cost of Layoffs, Pt. 2: Differing Priorities

A period of layoffs impacts employees differently, depending on their role in the company.

The Hidden Costs of Layoffs, Pt. 1: When Companies Lose Good Employees

How employers can mitigate the risk of losing their best employees for good.

Your Employee Engagement Questions Answered by Daniel Pink

Last week, New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink joined us for…

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