Super Bowl Winner

ootball experts were split on who would win Super Bowl XLVIII, but we knew all along. As soon as the matchup was set between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, we at RiseSmart issued our annual Super Bowl prediction, forecasting that the Seahawks would prevail based on an analysis of jobless rates. Prevail they did, 43-8.It was the 21st time in the past 26 years that the Super Bowl winning team has hailed from the metropolitan area with the lower unemployment rate.

Through November, the 2013 unemployment rate for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan statistical area was 5.9 percent, compared to 6.7 percent for the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metro area, signaling a Seattle victory.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the team whose metropolitan area boasts the lower jobless rate has now enjoyed an 81 percent Super bowl success rate since 1989. Three times that the predictor has failed, the Super Bowl winner was the New York Giants, who earned upset wins over Buffalo in 1991 and New England in 2008 and 2012.

We all enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday, but now it’s Monday – and there are far too many people who don’t have jobs to go to. Placing workers in need of a career transition into new jobs quickly is RiseSmart’s mission. We’re proud that our approach to outplacement is putting people back to work five months faster than the national average.

And we’re pleased to share with the nation a prediction that not only gets people talking about football, but gets them thinking about the need for effective, results-based outplacement solutions.

Super bowl winner

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