7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Company’s Hiring Processes

Does your company currently experience high turnover rate or poor employee performance?…

How Big Data can save Employer Brand

How Big Data Can Save Your Employer Brand

More companies are monitoring social media sites and employer review sites after…

Paying Too Much in Unemployment Tax?

When considering layoffs, most companies are thinking about reducing workforce to decrease…

RiseSmart’s Guide to Severance and Workforce Transition

Trends Toward Employee-First Workplace Revealed

The expectation to build a great employee experience and positive brand reputation…

Role of People Analytics in HR and corporate culture

Rise of People Analytics in Corporate Culture

The unification of big data and human resources.

HR Data: If It Matters, You Can Measure It

The main purpose of a measurement is to reduce uncertainty around a problem.

The future of HR: Part 3

Wrapping up our discussion of the six HR trends that will forever…

The future of HR: Part 1

Around this time last year at the HR Technology Conference and Expo,…

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