Evolution of Retail – What Employees and Employers Need to Know

Over the past decade, retailers have been aggressively re-evaluating how they do…

Paying Too Much in Unemployment Tax?

When considering layoffs, most companies are thinking about reducing workforce to decrease…

From Brick and Mortar to Ecommerce – Building a Positive Brand Reputation

The retail industry is changing rapidly. The U.S. Census Bureau found that…

3 ways to ease the layoff notification to employees from RiseSmart.

3 Ways to Ease Notification During a Period of Layoffs

Ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved

Are Layoffs the New Normal?

Are Layoffs the New Normal?

Layoffs have become an unavoidable part of our business world.

Ask An Expert: What’s the most important thing to do when planning a layoff?

China Gorman is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field…

Four ways to avoid overspending on severance pay

Managers planning a reduction in force often face a stressful, even emotional,…

How to make a good last impression: four layoff tips for managers

It’s the worst part of a Human Resources manager’s job: laying off…

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